1. The haptic and tactile feedback of a Kindle does not provide the same support for mental reconstruction of a story as a print pocket book does.

    — Researchers at Norway’s Stavanger University say that you’re less likely to remember stuff reading it from a Kindle than you are a book, and the fact that you don’t have to turn the page may be part of the reason. (via shortformblog)

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Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia


    Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari, Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia

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    Psychedelic GIF’s by hexeosis (Artist on tumblr)

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Enzo Berti - Vis à vis for Kreoo


    Enzo Berti - Vis à vis for Kreoo

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    Jenny Holzer - Truisms (1977-79)

    jenny holzer is amazing. for those of you who don’t know her-she’s a conceptual artist who works with text to make powerful statements. read more about her Truism series here -Tara

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    tw for rape, internalized victim blaming

    I’m currently at a beach house with family members who love me but who would never be able to deal with someone they love being raped in a way that is sensitive or well, beneficial to me. They keep talking about people who let themselves be victims and I’ve run out of things to say about the weather. 

    this seems like the perfect time for the first draft of a project I’ve been putting off.

    I don’t have answers about trauma or survival. I have anger and I have certainty that this anger cannot sustain me forever but no one has given me any other solution or any sort of justice. I am dealing. 

    I am enduring. 

    I am not good at writing about what happened to me in concrete terms. I am not good at remembering what happened either, just flashes of it and the knowledge that I apologized to my rapists as they hurt me.

    I am still working on becoming real again. I am still working on becoming

    I am also, obviously, still working on this project. I don’t believe in catharsis - but I believe in creating my own narrative, one where I get to choose the plot. And well, if that means I’m going to be egotistical so be it. 

  9. Welcoming people [into the trans community] who otherwise might have been able to get by in a cis identity weakens the ideology of cisness, not the ideology of transness.

    It’s saying, “we can do things for these people that you cannot because of your narrow ideas of gender.” It’s saying, “these are our people to cherish, not your people to shame.

    — bramblepatch still blowing me away (via pissonality)

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